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I have loved cartoons from the time I can remember my first Saturday morning. Who didn't waste hours of time with a big bowl of cereal in front of the TV until mom shouted at you to go outside and play. They were more than just some goofy characters that I was enjoying, it was the fact that someone was able to make a drawing come to life.

I consider drawing cartoon characters a specialty of mine when it comes to illustrations. I spent a lot of my childhood trying to draw my favorite characters; Fred Flintstone, Bugs Bunny and Charlie Brown. I still watch them today, from a artistic stand point of course.

There are tons of different cartoon styles. Computers have changed the way things are drawn and also styles change with time. But I also notice that some styles are coming back.

Here are just a few of the styles I sketched out using a cat to show some of the different types.
The Animated Character : This is the fun character that can take an inanimate object and bring it to life with almost human traits. Also, these types of cartoons will get a four legged furry animal up and running around like a two year old on a sugar high.

The Retro Style : This is making a come back from the old magazine ads and original cartoons. It is a simple style based on simple shapes, bold outlines, and flat coloring. This is one of my favorite styles because it is the easiest to draw, but also I think it gives the most silly expressions and spirit.

The Comic Strip : This probably ranks number one of my favorite styles. Something I have always wanted to do is to have a published comic strip. Simple and quick line work that is easy to recognize the character. Plus I am always fascinated that it told a joke in four panels or less.

The Super Hero : Not really what pops up when thinking of cartoons, but what else would you call men flying around in spandex, maybe wrestling.

So what's the point, besides showing off my inner child nerd. I have gotten request to draw something and the client will say they want it in a cartoon style. Even though I love these projects, I have to go through the process of getting the client to tell me what kind of cartoon style. Typically I ask them to send me a sample of what they like or I ask "Do you prefer Scooby Doo or Garfield?"

Be sure to check out more of my drawings at the Playtime Illustration page and contact me if you need a cartoon logo, children book, or other character design.

FYI, This blog is dedicated to my cat Shadow. He was a cartoon in his own way.



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Business cards, Graphic design, illustrator, brochures, t-shirts, invitations, corporate branding, logos, illustrations, cartoon